Friday, May 1, 2015

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7 reasons prevent you from losing weight

By: youssef jabbouji On: 5/01/2015
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  • If you're having trouble losing excess weight, you should know that there are reasons prevent you from achieving your goal losing weight, you should know first, so that you know the proper way to deal with it.

      Ignore drinking enough water:

    A recent study found that drinking water in sufficient quantity can help with weight loss, drank a glass of water before each meal you can control your appetite, and eating fruits and vegetables that contain water fills your stomach faster, and drink cold water helps to speed up the process metabolism and inhibits the cravings to eat sugary drinks such as soda and juice.

    Eat plenty of healthy food:

    It is the nuts and whole wheat pasta, olive oil, dark of health and natural food and chocolate but they are not calorie-free, Fetmrh avocado, for example, contains 200 calories, so be careful commitment to specific quantities of healthy food.

    Abandonment of entire food groups:

    Give up, for example, eating carbohydrates and protein sufficiency diet will help you balance your weight loss does not happen, just remember that large quantities are in excess of the weight and not the regular rations of meals.

    Lack of sleep:

    Not getting enough sleep is exhausting your body and makes you unable to exercise or organization dates of your meals better.

    Eating while standing:

    You may think that eating quickly during the stand will make you're taking a small amount of food, but it is best set mealtimes defined period of time.


    Neglect eating breakfast makes your body stores fat immediately, and must therefore this meal, which helps to burn fat all day process should not be neglected.


    Authority dish very healthy, but it is wrong dealt with many extras such as cheese slices, bread, nuts, and various sauces, it makes the dish contains thousands of extra calories without feeling.

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