Saturday, May 2, 2015

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5 tricks to get the ideal weight in a short time and less effort

By: youssef jabbouji On: 5/02/2015
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  • Obtaining an ideal weight in a short time and less effort to name wear clothes that you like best, is a prerequisite for many women, the following are the best proven ways to get rid of excess weight and get ideal weight and body limber away from the annoying fat.


    Scientific studies have shown that people who take enough sleep every day in the evening enjoying the lithe body more than others, so make sure to should be doing to take enough sleep daily for Tnama ideal weight, to maintain body weight and not to impart more calories.


    Sitting for long periods and do not do any mobility activities works to increase the weight through the body storage of calories in meals without consumption in the mobility of activities, so make sure to be evaluating several motor activities, although the circumstances of your work force you to that Vqoma exercising for some time daily.

    Daily meals

    Of habits that cause weight gain body of meals deprivation throughout the day and eat a large amount of food at dinner and before going to sleep, so make sure to eat your food should be doing in his time to have the body limber.


    If you want to Ttakchi of excess weight Vqoma to give up soft drinks of all kinds and start eating natural drinks Kaasair non-sweetened fruit and herbs that help burn fat like green tea, anise and cinnamon.


    Not to eat an adequate amount of water daily works to store fat in the body, water is working to clean up the body of toxins, fat and helps in the digestive process and this is what works not to give the body calories increase weight, as water helps in the promotion of a sense of satiety, so advised to drink an adequate amount of water daily to enjoy body limber and free of fat stored.

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