Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Replace the apple pill Pear

By: youssef jabbouji On: 4/18/2015
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  • There are many benefits to eating a pear a day, especially for people who suffer from diabetes.

    A scientific study showed that pear fights diabetes is known that phenolic compounds found in fruits provide antioxidants that fight diabetes.

    The new study found that high concentrations of health content phenolic compounds found in pears, especially in the outer shell.

    In charge of the study confirmed that the results of the study suggest that consumption of whole pears any chaff and pulp, may provide better protection for people with diabetes as part of an overall healthy diet.

    Also, eating a pear a day can help control blood glucose levels to the point that people who suffer from diabetes, do not need to take medication with them.

    They added that the pears have a strong and stunning effect on lowering blood pressure for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

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