Monday, April 6, 2015

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15 minutes disposing of obesity

By: youssef jabbouji On: 4/06/2015
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  • Adrian funding, said psychologist at the Ruhr University in Bochum in Germany: "The brisk walking can be used as a strategy to reduce the repeated desire to eat, according to a study showed it." This study reported that walking for 15 minutes may help people who suffer from overweight at least ease the desire to eat meals rich in sugars and calories.

     He pointed funding in a message via e-mail for "Reuters Health," that exercise may give the person who exercised stimulating intellectually disturb his thoughts centered around eating, and the commitment to walk on a regular basis to relieve cravings for food may in turn improves the ability to choose foods more healthy.

    And tested Larissa Aduchowski University of Innsbruck in Austria and her colleagues to study the effect of walking for 15 minutes on the electric treadmill on the desire to eat foods rich in sugars on a group of 47 people from overweight an average age of about 28 years.

    He asked the participants in the study not to eat foods rich in sugars for three days before testing, as participants in the study were divided into two groups practiced walking one while the second group sat without any activity.

    The study showed that people who practiced the sport indicated the extent to which their desire to eat foods rich in sugar in the middle and end of the experiment was much less than those who have never played a sport at all.

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