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Saffron the most expensive spice in the world what benefits

By: loubanitarik On: 7/03/2013
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  • Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world when it is raw and it takes filament forms a soft red or orange.
    The five thousand flower only give 30 grams of saffron and 80,000 flowers give just one pound or about ½ kilo saffron and this gives an indication of the dear price of the original saffron, which is grown in Iran, Greece, Morocco, Spain and Kashmir Atalia. 

    Iran is and Kashmir and Spain months of cultivated saffron, saffron gives the dishes of food and sweets red golden attractive as well as taste and odor fun and breathtaking, which makes sweet dishes, food and beverage appetite and with taste and distinctive smell even fish French dishes with a distinctive taste and desirable to use saffron in preparation and preparation. Saffron is used extensively in Indian dishes and Middle Eastern and northern Morocco.

    Saffron is not used to give taste, but also gives a golden color glossy and smells of foods as ¼ gram enough 8 to 10 dishes, saffron, known since ancient times from the reign of Pharaoh wrote in manuscripts about the benefits of saffron medical Even Hippocrates and Galen books about saffron to help digestion and remove bulges devicedigestive gases and prevent cramps, insomnia and position of the cough and uses saffron past as well as in the treatment of pain of the menstrual cycle in women and treatment of impotence in men and treatment of headaches and treatment of digestive and urinary tract, and generally for the treatment of weakness or fatigue Profile has been used as the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans saffron spice and writing sacred and gave him the name Krokos andKarkom ancient Greeks and doctors praised, saffron Kmqo and tonic for men so they used it in the swimming pool, or knew the warm Balbanao.
    And the Arabs who gave saffron name Za'faran when they entered Spain and planted in Andalusia. Spain famous for good quality saffron and them planted moved to Europe in the thirteenth century and used saffron heavily until Ms. Henry was put on her gold and saffron In these recent years, used by many of the Arab population of the Middle East.

    Useful for the treatment of high cholesterol and protects the heart
     With sandalwood and saffron essential oil called (Perfume saffron) and dear price and is used to prevent muscle tension and physical and relaxant used to treat headaches. In India, Indian saffron traders exchange in the important occasions in marriages and holidays and is used Indian saffron heavily.
     Medical interest of saffron:

    Saffron is used in traditional medicine Kmqo the sexy, saffron is used as sweaty repellent and anti-winds and useful for menstrual pain In Japan, saffron is placed in the capsules used in helping to sleep in cases of insomnia and treatment Barstz.