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Lemon fight obesity

By: loubanitarik On: 7/07/2013
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  • The expansion of medical scientists and food plants in Male characteristics and benefits of lemon, and a summary of what they have said that the lemon composite of three different parts and labor benefits, a .. Chaff, sour and sowing. It benefits that tonic for the stomach and the heart.

    One of the prescriptions involving lemon:

    Recipe to fight obesity:
    Soak a few cumin in boiling water with sliced ​​lemon and leaves rings all night and drink the morning on an empty stomach.

    The recipe for fight puff stomach and intestines:
    Soak peel for Amontin or three in a pint of water, and add to it several drops of fresh lemon juice, and drink the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast.
    Lemon and described for all people and in all ages, without exception, on the condition that reduces water because lemon juice Net hurts sometimes.

    And eating lemon with lukewarm water morning when many benefits, including:
    Flush out toxins from the stomach, liver, and protect the cells of the body and strengthen the defense equipment.
    And must be chosen lemon with yellow color glossy, because the lemon green or yellow baht which has not yet matured to be acidity and high vitamin C a few do, as you must choose lemon with a crust thin soft that contains juice, the most prolific of lemon juice thick chaff.

    Other benefits of lemon juice that:

    Handles poisoning and destroy bacteria and activates white blood cells, calms the nerves and strengthens and treats epilepsy, diarrhea, rheumatism, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel rot prostate.