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What is a Kettlebell?

By: loubanitarik On: 2/14/2014
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  • Among the fitness equipment and weightlifting crossfit regularly used for muscle regeneration, the Kettlebell has a certain reputation among athletes are relatively well known and clearly more popular.

    For information, the Kettlebell is the cause of the birth and development of sport and history of its own. This sport is closely linked to the history of the Russian nation and the former USSR, the journal Weightlifting Yearbook 1986 evokes particular feature of this link. It was during the time of the tsars Kettlebells became popular, so muscular men of yesteryear were systematically compared with kettlebellman or Girevik.

    Description kettlebell - strength equipment

    The kettbell often regarded as equipment ultimate fitness in the countries of the east, is a traditional Russian cast iron weight often and high mass, it is provided with a handle fixed outlet. Its shape is similar to a cannon ball with a handle provided which facilitates handling when performing specific movements to use.

    The benefits of kettlebell lifting and cardio
    Kettlebells have received international recognition for the quick results obtained through their use. Training with weights strengthens the whole body, as a series of exercises performed by the user are undergoing a simultaneous effort several motor muscles. And the muscles are rapidly gaining in volume, explosion, strength and balance. The kettlebell has also the advantage of being suitable for producing different types of exercises to work the cardiovascular endurance.

    Moreover, the injury rate for athletes in the practice of kettlebell is relatively low. In training and competition, the Russian national team showed at the time (1997) only 8.8% of injuries.

    Practice of kettlebell - the Russian way

    The exercises with the kettlebell are simple, but involve different from the usual technical training. Learning to use and very important for beginners. When carefully done, the series of classic and specific kettlebell movements, offer quick results in a relatively short time.

    Buy keterbell, Kettlebell price on the market
    Similarly to other equipment weightlifting, kettlebells are available in different formats with different weight, from the lightest to heaviest. The three examples below illustrate the causal relationship between the price and the characteristics of a kettlebell.

    • The Kettlebell 12 kg plastic is the cheapest first price around € 25: Problem plastic version is a Kettlebell impressive cast for the same weight, beyond 16 kg we recommend you opt for another material.

    • The Kettlebell cast around 12 kg first prize € 35: it is the product with the best value without artifice report, the basic version of former USSR.

    • The Kettlebell Cast + coating (vinyl, rubber, silicone) 12 kg between 35 € and 40 € area: same as cast iron kettlebell with an extra layer avoiding deaf shock melting on the ground and to avoid contact cold melting.

    Each of these devices has its own advantage, so it is up to each athlete to determine the type of Kettlebell suited to their needs. The differences in price are also insignificant, except for kettlebell plastic which is much more affordable.

    Tips and Warnings

    The effectiveness of kettlebell weight also comes from the difficulty of the exercises he subjected the bodies of athletes. Training with the kettlebell is thus strongly recommended for individuals suffering from pain in the back to avoid the deterioration of their health. The practice of kettlebell necessarily requires a supportive doctor to ensure actual physical view.

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