Thursday, June 20, 2013

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How to choose the best diet to lose weight at your own pace

By: loubanitarik On: 6/20/2013
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  • Everyone dreams of having a perfect body, firm buttocks, slim waist, flat stomach and chest high. But to get there you must pass the test plan (and sport).
    Among the citizens of the most obsessed with their weight world, the French are in the top ranks. And not for nothing, now 30% of the major are overweight and 18% are victims of obesity. To achieve your goal weight several means are available you will find in these articles the most common systems.

    The different types of dieting :

    To lose weight there are several methods like the task to hunt sugars
    other fats which allows you to not swallow any liquid, or another n authorizing the green foods or the use of a single cover ... Before starting any of these processes, it is more natural to know the disadvantages and risks before they can cause their benefits. By analyzing these data we can choose the solution. The most suitable and get a positive result.

    Restrictive regime:

    Know first that restrictive diets deprive you of certain foods. In general these are the foods rich in carbohydrates, which are forbidden. While the contenders restrictive diets can lose a lot of weight in a few months but it can weaken the physical and mental condition of the patient. It is a weight loss sometimes too fast that sometimes the patient does not have time to learn and it is often difficult to stabilize.

    Dissociated diet:

    Regarding differentiated regimes, the patient should consume only one type
    of food per meal. By boring into it loses appetite and lose weight. For cons, the
    nutritional deficiencies are possible. This can cause fatigue and intestinal discomfort.

    Balanced diet :

    Regarding balanced or healthy diet plan, abrupt changes are avoided, it is to eat healthy in order to keep its shape. Here are the vitamins C and E as well as the intake that are highlighted. But this type of diet is slower and must be accompanied by a sporting activity.