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Kinds of nuts and their benefits

By: loubanitarik On: 5/29/2013
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  • Misses many people do not differentiate between types of fat, believed that fats and oils serious in general, but in fact there are fats good which that contain unsaturated fatty acids or monounsaturated and comes on top of this food "nuts."
    Although it contains a proportion of fat except that they contain beneficial fats contribute to heart protection.

    Nuts are not just ... for some time, nor is it delicious fillings for Oriental Sweets appetite.Nuts if we have dealt with on a regular basis, they become a useful food influential in the health of the body.

     They also become better than drugs in the treatment of certain diseases. So we will give you the most important health benefits of some of the nuts:

    Walnuts :

    - Antifungal and anthelmintic intestinal and paperboard for the digestive system and the soaking or boiling the leaves and then drink or nut nuts era mature half and extract the juice liquidation with a piece of gauze and then mixing this juice with sugar and uses the plant.

    - Eating nuts reduces the risk of heart disease.
    - Walnuts effective treatment for swine disease and its attendant and blisters in the skin and fistulas Ophthalmologists in the eye and swelling in the bones and the work of an emulsion of walnut leaves.
     - Nut is used as a laxative and has no side effects for pregnant during her pregnancy and is useful at all ages so that boiled the bark of the walnut tree and drink them until they are cured.
    - Treatment of chronic skin lesions and ulcerated work ointment of walnut leaves and Behrs walnut leaves and flowers without legs, and then put on the backburner and mixes with some grease.

    Almond :

    - Almond oil feeds the various layers of the skin and smoothes dry skin, and addresses many of the diseases of the skin, chapped and dry hands and feet.
    - Burns addresses of the first degree.
     - Use almond milk (Luz powder, sugar, water), diseases of the chest and a chronic cough and asthma.
     - Almond milk treated gastrointestinal irritation via deposition almond powder over the areas irritants, prevents friction food and waste.
    - Addresses the almond Urology, where the crumbling sand and gravel. Struggling kidney infections.
     - Contains almond especially minerals (phosphorus), and unsaturated acid oils that soothe the nerves, and stimulate the brain and its functions, and prevent blotting disease and obstructive and strokes (strokes), and Parkinson Albarkinsona.
    - Addresses the neurological diseases and pains. - Prevents anemia by vehicle b vitamins, iron and minerals.
     - Toasted almonds and add to coffee, dilute the percentage of caffeine, and can be used as a holistic alternative to milk and coffee.
     - A recent study suggests almond oil blocker for heart disease.
    - If you use almond oil instead of fat lowers the level of cholesterol in blood, and have a stronger effect of olive oil.
     - Prevents muscle spasm, and is used in the treatment of paragraphs, where the intervention kinds of almonds in the manufacture of some medicines used in the treatment of muscle spasm, and treatment of diseases of the vertebrae.
    - Recommends eating almonds for pregnant and lactating women, and athletes, as well as for neurology patients, and those with physical and mental weakness, and patients with urinary tract, stomach and intestines, and gravel, and tuberculosis, and infected with the difficulty of the output, and diabetics.
     - Almond useful in strengthening the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system, and consider, as struggling insomnia, and opens the urine streams.

    Nut :

    - The Nut of nutrient-rich, so capturing the recommended for anyone who enjoys a healthy digestive device.

    - Hazelnut healthy teeth and gums and organizer of the metabolic process. But it is very rich in vitamin E, it plays a role against oxidation, nuts rich in fiber so it is easy soluble in water and therefore helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood.
     - Protects from heart problems Nut is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (mono), a goes Magnesium.
     - Hazelnut rich in protein but incomplete proteins should be consumed with other elements rich in protein supplements.
     - It was recommended for weight gain, but the verse was reflected as currently recommended protein diets to lose weight.
     - Hazelnut rich in vitamins (A. B) prescribed for people with diabetes, tuberculosis, epilepsy, urinary tract infection
    - Hazelnut increases the capacity of the brain.
    - Uses boiled hazelnuts flowers for treatment sag. Boil 30 grams of flowers in a liter of water.
     - Boiled Paper Nut, it is the best diuretic, as well as to purify the blood.
    - If been rewarding with honey water it benefit in cases of chronic cough.

    Pistachios :

    Composed of pistachios 7.93% water, 22.78% protein substances, oils 45.72%, 3.5% starch, 2.99 fibers. The pistachio is rich in vitamin "b. B ", and salts of phosphorus, copper, iron, and calcium.
     - Learned from pistachio food to strengthen the nerves and blood, and is described for those who are doing the work of mind and muscle.
    "Pistachios decrease bad cholesterol and triglycerides and increase good cholesterol, which lowers heart disease risk," says study author Roman Pawlak, professor of nutrition science at East Carolina University. "They also improve blood vessel elasticity, which helps prevent high blood pressure.

    Cashew :

    - Cashew considered useful in building muscle.
    - Assists in maintaining the health of the gums and teeth.
     - Cashew works on reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood and maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels as a result it contains unsaturated fatty acids.
    - Cashew has a high percentage of calories of heat that helps in the production of energy and increase the flexibility of blood vessels, bones and joints.
     - Contains rich materials against oxidation which helps in the protection of cancers.
    - Cashew works on bone and muscle support and strengthen as a result it contains magnesium and calcium.
     - Helps promote normal sleep patterns in women after menopause.
     - Contains minerals, phosphorus, and a lot of dietary fiber and are thus very useful for the body but does not cause obesity, but it must be moderation of eating it.
     - Works to improve skin and hair dyes as a result it contains iron.

    Pine :

    - Pine is used in the manufacture of ointments special massage "addresses neurological diseases."
     - Diuretic, heartbreaking gravel, sand comes out.
     - Handles kidney disease.
     - Treated pine mucosa disease and chest so he expectorant expectorant and is used in cases of bronchial infections.
     - Used in the adhesive industry, where it extracted gum material.
    - Used in the manufacture of certain types of soap and also enters in the manufacture of certain types of perfumes using pine wood, is used to remove the smell of sweat and to remove the slack and relax in addition to being a perfume. - Pine used in inhalation therapy and massage.

    - The use of an external in the treatment of allergies and psoriasis.

     - Love pine used in the food where decorated by some of the main dishes in addition to its medical benefits, it contains unsaturated fatty acids, pine nuts used to stimulate blood circulation in the brain, strokes and addresses blotting in the brain.

    - Useful in the treatment of liver disease, activates the liver.

     - Appetizing.

    - Removes weakness and relax when taken with honey.

     - Lowers blood sugar level.

    Raisins :

    - A raisin types of nuts that strengthens the stomach, liver, and spleen,
    - Useful in cases of throat and chest soreness, lung, kidney and bladder.
     - Stews raisins with water and sweetened with sugar is used to soften the cough and phlegm and cleaning output in the case of respiratory tract inflammation
     - Helps to remove toxins from the body and resistance to microbes and viruses.
     - Addresses the diseases of the liver and gallbladder.
     - Addresses the park blood pressure and prevention of heart disease.
     - The treatment of dry cough.
     - Shows that eating raisins helps reduce menstrual blood in the case of the bleeding profusely.
    - Healthy food is useful secures the necessary energy for the body because it contains many types of nutrients.
    - It is recommended giving it to people who are suffering from fatigue and exhaustion in most cases. It also addresses the problems of indigestion and constipation food processor and nervous system troubles.
     - It is necessary to add to our daily diet raisins, by inclusion in some dishes, such as: the authorities, some cheese, and rice, and some types of bread and sweets. As presenting advised for children as a small meal with some other fruits.

      Now ....... Tell us any of these nuts interested and prefer to be addressed more than others?????

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