Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Why you should drink 8 glasses of water a day?

By: loubanitarik On: 4/04/2013
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  • There is no doubt that drink the water is healthy and necessary for our health, our bodies, but we often hear about the importance of drink 8 glasses of water a day, but we do not know the answer to this question,

    Drinking water for soft and healthy skin:

    It is known that every girl is keen very keen on her beauty, but not expertise enough some important things may expose youth and beauty risk, studies confirm that not 
    drink enough of the water to the point Alartoae expose the wrinkled skin at an early age, in addition to dry, and avoid the occurrence of such complications disturbing to every girl, you must always be careful to tell the cells of your body all the amount that you need water until Enjoy skin soft and supple radiate vitality.

    Drinking water for the curvaceous body and harmonic: 

    drink more water helps you lose weight, do not Taataajabi, Water which Chrbinh before eating, will help you to a feeling of fullness, and therefore would not eat a lot before you feel full, all you need is to make sure drinking water natural free from any additions sugar, orsoft drinks.

    Drink water to feel refreshed and moisturizing:

    drink saves water required for your body moisturizing and maintains the temperature in the normal rates even under high temperatures in summer, and compensate for heavy amounts race that Tfkadinha your skin so you do not get dehydrated.

    Drinking water gives you a sense of energy and activity:

    Drinking water gives you a sense of energy and activity that God has created every living thing of water, so Fajlaya and muscles of your body need water mainly to remain in good health,Which will reflect you positively in the form of activity and energy to help you perform various things in your daily life, but when your body feels dehydrated, performance decreases muscles cells, 
    so do not forget never eat 8 glasses of water a day.

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