Monday, April 22, 2013

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top 4 fruits burn fat

By: yussef sefyu On: 4/22/2013
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  • Do you suffer from abdominal fat?
    Do you suffer from fat arms ??And Fat hips bother you ?? 
    Today you will find the best solution with the "WLDplan"  which introduce you  to four kinds of fruits  that scientific studies have shown an  efficacy in eliminate fat  body, wherever they are accumulated and confluent.

    Apple lifts burn calories:

    From now on, I eat apples with peel; dear because
    Recent scientific research indicates that the crust apple help Burning more fats by raising the level of metabolism in Body. The"acid ursolique" compound that exists in
    Apple crust. The scientists indicates to important
    in mass increase And increase the number of muscle fats 
    structure in the body that works to burn fats .

    Little orange relieves fats in blood :

    Small Orange only that can be eaten with peel,and he help to supply the body with more
    Antioxidants that protect your skin and health. Of other  side ;this type of orange is very rich in fiber
    That reduce food absorption fats in the body and works to reduced  of the blood, thus helping to protect the health of the heart.

    Cranberry eliminates fats the abdomen:

    scientific studies have shown that cranberry helps eliminate "potbelly" because substances in him  help in burning fats.
    Accumulated around the abdomen and prevent storage in the future. Multiply this kind of berries if you want to eliminate your belly fats. 

    Pears are struggling brings fats on in all parts of the body:

    "Flavonoids" is antioxidant substance that Exist in pears 
    and working to rid women of all fats on Accumulated in 
    the body. of other side pears enjoy sweet taste reduce 
    your desire for sweets calorie-filled Thermal.

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