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Lose 7 Pounds in 7 Days 7 Tips for Immediate Weight Loss

By: weight On: 4/05/2013
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  • Do you dream of pain-free weight loss?
    For many people the very idea of trying to lose weight has become synonymous with depriving themselvesof what they enjoy most in life and sufferingthrough the entire process.

    It's difficult to stay upbeat and enjoy getting fit if all you can think about is how much you are going to miss your favorite foods and how intensely you'll have to exercise to begin seeing even a slight difference in your figure. 
    With this type of approach to weight loss it's a real wonder that people even attempt the whole thing!
    Attempting to lose weight this way is painful, boring and requires you to exercise a great deal of will power for months on end.

    You don't have to put forth such a heroic effort – The good news is that you can shed those pounds quickly, easily and painlessly by just slipping in a few 
    simple lifestyle changes that add up over time. 
    Think about it.

    Wouldn't it be fun to lose weight without trying too hard? All you need to do is to make a few slight changes here and there in the way you do things to lose weight naturally and gradually.
    The tips you'll discover here don't require you to deny yourself or engage in grueling workouts. 
    Instead you'll learn how to get to where you want to go 
    in the quickest and most pain-free manner.
    So are you ready to get started?

    Here are the best tips that I've discovered and applied that will truly help you to get the body of your dreams fast! 

    Tip-1: Lighten Your Favorite Foods

    Most people are destined to fail at restrictive diets even before they begin. 
    Do you know why?It's because they believe they need to cut down on all their favorite foods However will powerwill only take you so far...  At the end your imagination will always triumph over any will power you 
    when they are on a diet and they use their will power to do that.
    might have. 

    If you keep dreaming about that 'Death By Chocolate' cake or your favorite cheese stuffed crust pizza, eventually you will give in to the urgings of your imagination.
    Once you do, you'll feel lousy about slipping up and then begin the  downward spiral into no-diet land.
    Instead of torturing yourself by denying your favorite foods, I'd advise you to lighten them. 
    Eat the foods you love, but switch to low-calorie versions of all the foods you crave. Choose grilled chicken instead of deep-fried 

    chicken, top pizza's with low fat cheese, go for low-fat ice cream, diet soda,whole-grain bread, low-fat mayonnaise, unsweetened fruit etc.
    Choosing healthier versions of all your favorite foods is easy to do and doesn't leave you feeling deprived. 

    Tip-2: Add new foods

    Instead of contemplating the foods you need to cut down on, think about foods that you CAN add to your diet.

    I'm sure there are lots of exciting unfamiliar foods out there that you would enjoy trying out. 
    Purple broccoli, arracacha, fiddleheadstamaraillos etc. 

    are some vegetables that come to mind.
    There are plenty of exotic fruit you can sample 
    too such as jackfruit, rambutans, passion fruit
    Think about this as an exciting time where you get to sample and try out new 
    fruits and vegetables to add to your list of favorite foods.
    You can make purees, sauces and stews out of these new vegetables and add the fruits you like to your breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.
    You may find yourself naturally cutting down on junk food and eating these new delicious foods more often as a matter of course!

     Tip-3: Get Busy

    Think it's a coincidence that you feel like munching popcorn or going through bags of chips while watching TV?

    It's easy to reach for food when you get bored or are at a loss for things to do.
    Take a break from TV shows and magazines and get busy doing things that you are passionate about or would like to learn more of.
    This might take the form of enrolling in a sculpture class, volunteering, going trekking, sailing etc. 
    While losing weight might be your major focus, you need to have a life outside of it.
    This helps you to not only stay mentally and emotionally balanced and fresh but also gets rid of unhealthy habits in an indirect way. 
    If you are spending less time in front of the TV you'll also be snacking less. 
    You'll not only feel great about doing something productive and new, but you'll also be cutting 
    down on your junk food consumption by default.

    Tip-4: Go Dutch With Your Food
    If you've seen the movie 'Supersize Me' you'll be aware of how fast food joints push or promote bigger portions just to make higher profit margins.
    Unfortunately most of that excess food lands directly on your waist line.
    So how can you avoid eating massive meals whenever you dine out? The solution is to go 'Dutch' with your food, whenever you are faced with more food than you need. Split pizza, dessert and drinks.
    If you have a friend or partner who is interested in fitness, you can share other things in addition to your meals – Share the cost of a tandem bicycle and go cycling together, or hire a personal trainer who'll help design personalized exercises to suit your body types.
    Many gyms these days offer 2 for 1 membership deals that you can take advantage of.
    You'll find it a lot easier to get on track and stay motivated with someone who shares your fitness goals.
     Tip-5: Never Think About The Word 'Exercise'

    Lots of people think about exercise in the following manner- Exercise = Sweaty, painful workouts = (Leading up to) Endless creative excuses to avoid it altogether and justifying their actions under the banner of 
    'no time', 'work overload' etc.
    The only way to avoid this issue is to never think of exercise as working out while finding fun and innovative ways to incorporate more movement into your daily life.

    Tip-6: Adopt The Right Mental Attitude

    Instead of being focused on the outcome, develop a mental attitude of following a process.

    If your goal is to lose 20 pounds (an outcome) 
    then you'll be measuring your success in terms 
    of how close you get to losing those 20 
    However if you make your goals all about the 
    process of losing weight, such as getting 15 
    minutes of any cardio activity every other day 
    and doing yoga in between then you'll be a 
    success every day!
    As you focus on the daily activities, fat will fall off on auto-pilot! Just remember to create the type of process goals that you'll find personally interesting enough to maintain. There's no point signing up for a new gym 
    membership if you hate going to the gym.
    If you love being outdoors, then your process goal could be 30 minutes of roller skating, cycling, hiking, power walking, kickboxing etc.
    Don't try to do anything you dislike just because you think it's good for you 
    – you'll lose interest in it eventually.
    The key word here is sustainability.
    Start with small, easy processes or habits and pretty soon you'll have a track record of successes that will boost your confidence and have you aiming higher.

    Tip-7: Eat Lots of Fiber and Drink More Water

    Many people find that themselves experiencing constipation when they begin to lose fat.
    It's important to keep your metabolism in order by eating lots of fiber and drinking more liquids. 
    Eat lots of whole-grain foods and more vegetables 
    and fruits like pears, plums, apples, oranges etc. 
    Drink whenever you are thirsty.
    The amount of water you need varies depending upon your body type and activity levels.
    Keep a water bottle on hand and monitor the amount of water you drink.
    You can discover how many liters of water your body needs on a daily basis with a little experimentation.
    Cut out all sugary drinks from your diet and just drink water or more green tea.
     If you've been a fan of sodas and were used to drinking them often, you'll find yourself losing around 5 pounds or more fast by following this one single tip.
    Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way towards achieving your weight loss goals easily and quickly. 
    Follow these four power tips to turbo boost your weight loss efforts.
    Do these RIGHT NOW! 

    Power Tip 1 - Create A Contract/Covenant With Yourself

    It's important to give your weight loss efforts some tangible form.

    I'd suggest getting clear on your weight loss goals and formulating certain 
    processes or habits to begin with.

    Write down your long-term goal and the short-term processes that help you get there first in a sheet of paper. Then rewrite all these points in the form of a contract to yourself and sign it. Place it somewhere where it will catch your eye frequently.

    Place it on your desktop or on your fridge or kitchen table.

    I'd also include a non-food reward for meeting short-term process goals and a fabulous prize or reward for meeting your overall weight loss goal.

    Power Tip 2 - Keep A Food Journal

    This one tip has helped people thousands of people to lose weight super fast. 

    Noting down what you eat, when and where will not only help you become more aware of your eating habits but you'll also be identify why you eat and the feelings that you associate with eating certain foods. 

    You'll quickly discover your problem areas, discover whether you are an emotional eater or not and can take laser-targeted action towards eliminating the root causes of any eating issues you might have. 

    Power Tip 3 - Keep Track Of Milestones:

    It's not enough to say that you'll start soon or sometime within the next few months.
    Instead mark definite dates on your calendar for each process, habit or lifestyle you change you plan to incorporate.

    If you have dates marked off on your calendar for the day you stop drinking sugary sodas, the day you switch from high-fat diary to low-fat diary etc. 

    you'll be able to see how wonderfully well you are doing with changing your habits by just glancing at the calendar! 

    You'll find it immensely motivating to keep such a visual track record of your success in plain sight.

    You'll also find that it gives you a much needed emotional boost whenever you thumb through your calendar.
    In case you ever begin to doubt your success, you can inspire yourself immediately by looking at your track record of achievements.

    Power Tip 4 - Create a Photo Record Or Maintain Your

    Own Blog
    Photographs tell it like it is!
    Take pictures of yourself before you begin your weight loss program.Make sure that you take pictures of yourself from the front, rear and also include a profile.
    You can track your progress by taking pictures weekly and pasting them in your own journal or by maintaining an online blog! The latter is an excellent way to express your thoughts on the whole subject and connect with other people who may be making the same journey.
    You'll either gain more friends or more fans and we all could use more of both! 
    I hope these tips help you to begin and stay on track. Your body is a miracle and instead of viewing it in an unflattering light, love yourself for who and what you are and what you are becoming.
    Make your end goal more real to you than what you are living right now, feel it and live now as if you were already that beautiful lighter you.
    This will help you get there faster and will also help you to enjoy the 

    Good Luck! You can and will do this!

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