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How bleaching teeth and get rid of yellowing teeth naturally

By: weight On: 4/16/2013
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  • Yellowing teeth makes many feel embarrassed when talking to one, and there are many teeth whitening treatments but they are very expensive,
    and to get rid of the problem of yellowing teeth provide "health day" some tips that will be helpful in a natural bleaching teeth and get rid of yellowing embarrassing for you.

    - Away from foods that cause yellowing teeth and spices, candy  and some drinks such as tea and coffee, which increase the presence of yellow layer on the teeth and with the accumulation may cause tooth decay.

    -Use bleaching materials for teeth naturally like
    sodium bicarbonate and you can put on the toothbrush and brush your teeth out or put a few of them on your finger and rub the teeth out, but not Tserfy in that way work a lot so as not to harm the enamel of the teeth, you can Whitening Ballbeckrbunat once a week.

    - Clove oil effectively to get rid of the pain of the
    teeth and gums as it also helps to bleaching teeth effectively, and only my clove oil on your finger and Afrckyh the teeth and gums, then wash your mouth with water after five minutes

    - Lemon juice helps to remove plaque from the
    layers teeth and get rid of Asfrarha just add some tar of lemon juice on the toothbrush and clean Asank well you can not use those recipe every day a strong lemon Fasir of bleaching teeth erodes tooth enamel.

    - Hanging of vinegar added to half a cup of water and then wash the mouth and teeth it helps to remove bacteria between the teeth, which cause bad breath plus it removes plaque from the teeth.

    - Then mash the strawberries with a fork and
    add them three points of lemon juice and rub your teeth well, the strawberries contain many natural yeasts, which works on a natural bleaching teeth, and get rid of the problem of yellowing teeth.

    - Orange peel dry helps to bleaching teeth with

    high efficiency, only Put some orange peels to dry in the sun and then kibble that and put the little ones to brush teeth and clean your teeth out well, and can use those recipe a day before going to sleep, which also helps to prevent ulceration gums.

    - Use a natural recipe for bleaching teeth a
    mixing few brown sugar with a pinch of salt and hung from honey and a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of dried orange peel and massage teeth well it makes your teeth look threaded   like pearls.

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