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Benefits of garlic for the heart and health

By: loubanitarik On: 4/01/2013
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  • Famously enormous health garlic its benefits since the old, as mentioned garlic as a therapeutic in Ancient manuscripts dating back to the year 1550 BC.

    In the present day, contemporary science proved effective preventive effect of garlic against a wide range of diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels, teeth and other body organs.

    The German expert Murlo the secret to the benefits of garlic for the heart is because it contains sulfur compounds which have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system, saying "We have proven the impact of these vehicles to reduce cholesterol, that is, they are working to reduce harmful blood lipids."

    Lies benefits of garlic for the heart because it represents the protective shield of the heart and blood vessels from disease, due to the presence of a group of research still unable to prove its preventive effect.

    Complemented Antilla Gal of the German Society for Nutrition, benefits of garlic for the heart and other by saying "it is also known that it can be of garlic to prevent any damage cells thanks to the contents of the secondary materials have impact antioxidant, it also hinders the tumors in the cells, where she works antioxidantsto neutralize free radicals, which attack cells in the body and cause damage. "

    And she Gal "There is no proof of that yet, but there are a series of studies conducted on animals as well as some other statistics, which suggested that garlic significantly to the reduction of the face the risk of cancer," pointing out that it was verified that already with regard tocancer of the stomach and intestines.

    Man may need in some cases to reduce the use of drugs and follow alternative medicine, and as we have seen in the past for many benefits garlic and delusional benefits for the heart, Let's try eating and attendance publicly take advantage of it that we do not have to use chemical drugs again.

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