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What do you know about the kiwifruit - composition, labeling and benefits?

By: weight On: 3/26/2013
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  • Kiwi 
    Dendritic dioecious plant unilateral sex Muammar 30-40 years prolific growth Imitsaqt Securities

    Single feminine flowers with a huge ovary Ubar dense and large flowers note accumulate Alassadh shaped oval-shaped fruit bouquet Mzgbh Chestnut color and fleshy inside her emerald green color with black stripes radial INCLUDE Edible seeds taste like strawberry and pineapple mix.

    A fruit weight per between 70-120 grams and by category and enters the plant developed fruiting in its third or fourth of cultivation and by methods of breeding systems and upbringing and his health, type, and soil fertility incubator him and branches fast-growing, including branches fruit-intensive floral buds borne and branches vegetative and be Rhifaheasier to break when exposed to strong winds and branches year-old bear at the edge of Lower floral buds and therefore fruits during the next year. For irrigation, the plant is sensitive to the lack of water in the soil and hence the dates Watering and quantity of water and methods of watering very important, especially for Grass and boys must also maintain the level of moisture between 70-90 percent of the orchard product and advised to use localized irrigation drip or spray short not allowed collects water in the spread of roots because they cause root rot and suffocation.

    Kiwi components 
    Containing fruit kiwi on 10% sugars and 1% protein, and mineral salts including potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, and 80% of the weight of the fruit water, and science, the fruit contains about 150 mg of vitamin C and this ratio almost four times what they contain citrus fruits, not outperform the kiwi fruits the content of this vitamin the only fruits of mountain wild roses. 

    Medical benefits for kiwifruit

     fruit delicious sweet sour and thus benefit the body to get vitamin [C]. Kiwi seeds carrying dry and oil used substitute sesame seeds which are easy to digest and do not cause Hhoma harmful for the body. Roots are used in multiple medical treatment, including treatment of scabies and itching and skin allergies. Fruit juice helps to address the acidity in the stomach.The flogging of the fruit of medical benefits to the elimination of worms, particularly Ascaris in the abdomen.

    Public benefits for kiwifruit
     Nutrition experts say kiwi fruit is very rich Pfaeetman c Each 100 gm contains 200 to 300 mg of Alvaatamen, while orange fruit contains 50 mg per 100 grams and kiwi also contains salts, phosphorus, potassium, iron.
     Nutrition experts believe that Kiwi cover the body's need of Vaatamen c, and the most important benefits of the following:

    •  Resistant tissue infections.
    •  Get rid of the severe cold.
    •  Increase the body's own ability to defend natural     biological (ie activate the human immune).
    •  Resistance circulatory disorders.
    •  Activation of nerve tissue cells.
    •  Help patients with anemia.
    •  Help to stimulate human physical weakness.
    •  Help in the digestion process.
    •  Molina of the gut.
    •  Help reduce the rate of cholesterol in the blood.
    •  Used leaves are rich in starch and protein and vitamin C] wonderful fodder for cattle.

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