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More than 3 drinks addressed natural replacement for tea and coffee

By: weight On: 3/31/2013
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  • You can eat cinnamon rather than young and coffee are- Burn excess sugar in the body.- Is a natural antibiotic and the body as it contains one plant chemicals called Eugenol and the other so-called geraniol
    and found that both characterized the impact of anti-bacterial and fungi. And therefore eating cinnamon useful in cases of infection and disease and also in cases of proliferation of fungi in the body or skin.

    2 - fresh pomegranate juice:

    You can also eat this juice instead of tea and coffee as it
    - Good for the heart to the arteries.
    - Very useful for digestion of food, especially fatty snacks.
    - It also strengthens the stomach and intestinal anthelmintic.
    - And is the perfect drink beneficial for diabetics and useful for people with arthritis.
    - It is also a useful and effective for the treatment of headaches, anemia, and also pomegranate juice helps prevent kidney stones.

    3 - Ginger:

    You can also eat ginger drink alternative from Alrotinh drinks are used to it contains many benefits for your body, a
     - Helps eliminate stomach infections.
    - Activates the liver by sulfur found in ginger, and expels toxins, and helps to build the blood.
    - Anti-nausea and dizziness.
    - Helps to treat colon or mitigation of his illnesses, because it balances the bacteria found in the colon that causes the disease ..
    - Increases the proportion of the body's immune, because there ginger
    - Helps eliminate insomnia and nerves.
    - Helps to enhance memory and reduce their vulnerability
    - Addresses the disease, asthma and respiratory
    - Anti useful compound for the body
    - And treats disease, colds and cold
    - Prevents blood clots in the blood vessels and thus help to expand the blood and this is very useful for disease, blood pressure and blood clotting disease and also helps to increase sexual potency.
    It is also, and if mixed with milk is a very useful compound.

    After that you know more natural drinks addressed who would like addressed and do you think that these alternative drinks tea and coffee for you

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