Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Snack foods to turn toxic if reheated

By: loubanitarik On: 5/06/2015
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  • Doctors specialize nutrition warned some of the wrong food habits, especially used by some working women because of the concern in the daily work, as always depend on the preparation of many different foods previously dishes, and do Btschanha time addressed.
    Some of these foods has caused injury to many of the digestive system diseases, or be harmful to the human body, and some are toxic, carcinogenic same time, and in the case of re-heated and dealt with, the following seven foods monitored, "and it Daily" magazine despite high nutritional value turn into material saturated with toxins when re-heated.
    Better ways of eating mushrooms prepared immediately, or cool, but caused a chronic digestive problems.
    Rich in nitrates, and therefore should not be re-heated, and if necessary taken after a long period of preparation must be taken not to cold and heated up again, and only turned nitrates to nitrite.

    Full of food benefits, but reheated lose those benefits, and turning it into a toxin, and therefore should be dealt fresh.
    Reheating meat change in the composition of the protein substances present within them, so if there is a need to re-heating should be heated to temperature of the medium is.
    Celery contains Alentitrat also should therefore be dealt with fresh and not over-re-heated.
    Foods that represent a significant risk to health if re-heated and offered to elevated temperature, and this should be addressed as soon as prepared, or eaten cold, but its nutritional value turned into toxins destroy long-term health.
    Of foods rich in nitrates, but those nitrates turn into nitrite, when heating spinach, known to cause nitrite in many diseases, the most serious of cancer, and that is to eat fresh spinach doctors advised.

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