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Christian Bale Workout and Diet for Batman The Dark Knight Rises

By: youssef jabbouji On: 5/25/2015
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  • Christian Bale is no stranger to pushing his body to its limits to create the most believable look for the films he stars in, whether it’s slimming down to an almost emaciated shape for The Machinist or bulking up to portray Batman in Chistopher Nolans re-envisioning of the Dark Knight, Christian Bale is focused and dedicated in his workout routines and diet.
    Christian Bale Workout

    Christian Bale is currently working on his third Batman film portraying millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne by day and superhero Batman The Dark Knight by night. Batman Begins was the first film series in which Bale had to gain 100lbs in just 5 months to bulk up from his 121lb physique in The Machinist to his muscular frame in Batman , the second in the series was the Dark Knight also starring Heath Ledger as The Joker and now the third film The Dark Knight Rises sees Batman as a seasoned crime fighter. Batman has no special powers all his abilities come from his detective skills and his physical attributes and strengths which he needs to keep at the highest level he possibly can, so to look the part for this role Christian Bale needed a body that would look the part of a man at the peak of physical perfection, but also perform as an athletic and skilled fighter.

    Intensity and Frequency

    Christian Bales workout routine for Batman consisted of a combination of compound exercises, explosive power moves and agility training with the ultimate goal of creating a body that was both strong and visually impressive but still fast and athletic like a superhero.

    Compound exercises make use of multilple joints and movements in one exercise, allowing you to develop strength in different muscle groups and cardio at the same time, adding bulk, speed and agility simultaneously.
    Explosive power moves are powerful weight exercises carried out with quick explosive movements for example a jump squat or an explosive bench press. When carrying out a jump squat you would start with a normal squat downward movement and then explode upwards driving your body up as fast as you can in a controlled manner. Movements such as this will develop power and importantly speed and faster reactions through the development of fast twitch white muscle fibres.
    Christian Bale Batman muscle

    Christian Bale The Dark Knight Rises Workout Exercises

    Day 1: Power
    Chin ups superseted with Cable rows – As a warm up exercise
    4 sets of 12 repetitions
    Explosive High Pulls – It is important to explode into the upward movement
    4 sets of 10 repetitions
    Power Cleans – A very effective compound exercise working multiple muscle areas at the same time, great for building power
    4 sets of 10 repetitions

    Day 2: Speed and Agility
    Sprints – set two distances of 30 metres and 40 metres
    5 sets of 30 metre sprints
    5 sets of 40 metre sprints
    Rest for 1 minute between sets and 2 minutes betdistance distance change.
    Squat Jumps – Explode into the upward movement, driving your body upwards lifting both feet off of the floor
    4 sets of 10 repetitions
    4 sets of 10 repetitions

    Day 3: Power and Speed
    Dumbbell Flyes – use as a warm up for Day 3
    3 sets of 12 repetitions
    Explosive Bench Press – Lower the bar down slowly and then explode upwards, driving the weight upwards at speed, if you are using a spotter it is possible to let the bar come away from your hands and then catch the bar on the way down and returning to your chest in a slow and controlled movement.
    4 sets of 10 repetitions
    Ricochet Jumps – Jump to and from an elevated platform in front of you, or for added speed and agility mark a square on the floor and jump between corners randomly
    2 minutes exercise, 30 seconds rest, for a max of 30 minutes or until fail

    Day 4: Rest
    Rest day

    Day 5: Power
    Repeat day 1

    Day 6: Speed and Agility
    Repeat day 2

    Day 7: Power and Speed
    Repeat day 3

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