Thursday, October 30, 2014

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4 types of bellies and disposal methods

By: loubanitarik On: 10/30/2014
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  • A large number of people suffer the problem of "the paunch, which accompanied and disturb them and probably reduces their confidence in themselves, and constantly trying to get rid of it. 

    But a lot of them do not actually realize what are the reasons that lead to the emergence of the abdomen bloated and have solutions to get rid of it. 

    1. abdominal fat: obesity is the accumulation of fat inside the intestine or around without being seen. 
    To get rid of this problem it is important to do without simple sugars and starches such as rice white, pasta, white bread and replaced by full or whole grain carbohydrates. As well as you should not eat dinner at night and eternity directly to sleep then it is necessary to separate at least two hours between the date of dinner and sleep. 

    2. flabby belly: Powered membrane covering the bowel muscles primary role is to maintain the shape of the abdomen. Therefore, when a sagging abdominal muscles, seems also is flabby and not abdominal fat. 
    To get rid of this slack, you can exercise workout that tightens the whole torso or waist area and internal muscles of the back, hands and legs. 

    3. bloated abdomen: bloated belly comes as a result of swelling of the intestines or fullness air. And the air is full bowel many reasons, including a lot of soft drinks and chewing gum. 

    To remove the bulge, you can resort to herbs like green tea which cleanses the body and purifies the cells of toxins or fennel or ginger or turmeric. 

    4. abdominal hormonal: pays psychological tension to the secretion of thyroid hormone "cortisol," which causes the accumulation of fat in a specific area of the abdomen and thus swell. The solution is to find the time to enjoy and relax from the pressure of life with laughter, which lowers stress hormones and raise useful happiness hormones for the body.

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