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Physical transformation of Chris Evans for the role of Captain America

By: loubanitarik On: 6/20/2013
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  • Chris Evans in the skin of super hero:

    The movie Captain America, The First Avenger, was a great success, both in the United States than in other continents, with revenues amounting to 368.4 million dollars a few months after its official release.
    In addition to the history and production aspect, the success of the
    film also takes the main Chris Evans playing the role of Captain America, and displaying a muscular physique well in relation to its character actor.

    Chris Evans is actually no stranger to action films and roles of super heroes Already in 2005, he was Johnny Storm, the Human Torch in the "Fantastic 4". the character of Captain America is well conjuguait perfectly with his charisma and personality, his physique was naturally no exception. One of the first awards of the career of Chris Evans was particularly the title "Mister Hollywood" a distinction awarded to the most athletic physical Hollywood.

    But Captain America, the circumstances were somewhat different because we had accentuate its mass and improve his muscle definition. The aim was to highlight the good costume. As a result, a serious and tough training program and required to Chris Evans a few months before the start of filming.

    Result of a program of Chris Evans incredible physical

    At the end of the training program, the result impressed because Chris Evans had gained 10 kg of muscle with fat percentage decreased sharply from 12.5% to only 8%. The public could contemplate himself went to the screen during the theatrical release of Captain America August 17, 2011. 

    The main purpose of the training Chris for this role is focused on increasing muscle mass, reducing body fat in the body and increasing its speed and vivacity. To do this, he made a lot of body weight exercises, because a large part of his training is done when on the road. Sessions of pushups, pull-ups, squats, and abs. This under the guidance of a personal trainer: the famous Simon Waterson. To work out the whole body, the exercises had multiple variants. but of course was supplemented by basic exercises squat type deadlift, bench press, drawing pulley screw opinion,

    A good example of the evolution of morphotype from a physical ecto-mesomorph a purely mesomorph type result of the pectoral trapezius and well bulky arms.

    The bodybuilding program Chris Evans

    Specifically, Chris 6 days weekly ENTAILED staff, supplemented by an optional training on Sunday. For the content, it should do three workouts and weight training two sessions of cardio exercises.

    - Monday: Exercises mostly targeting the upper body, with a bit of raised ground, working shoulders, biceps exercises (biceps curls), they were also doing the push-ups 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions loaded with a weight of 15 kg.
    - Tuesday: Cardio and abdominals, and Chris Simon Waterson were introducing the rotational basic exercises like a lumberjack.
    - Wednesday: Focused on legs with lunges and squats training.
    - Thursday: cardio and abs.
    - Friday: pecs training, arms and shoulders.
    - Saturday: rest, relaxation day.

    - Sunday: Other extra, supplements the training were to work the speed and explosiveness of Chris Evans (sprints, jumps).

    Nutrition Chris for the role of Captain America

    The effectiveness of physical training Chris Evans Captain America also has association with a strict diet and hyper protein, providing an average of 180 g of protein per day, a ratio of 2 g of protein per kg body weight . Protein sources of his regime consisted of classic chicken turkey eggs, and were supplemented by two shakers protein. Chris then completes its ratio with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and glutamine to enhance the intensity weight training sessions and get a better recovery.

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