Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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Worst 5 drugs increase your weight

By: loubanitarik On: 4/02/2013
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  • Do you know what the worst five drugs for weight gain?, Each type of drugs differently, causing weight gain, such as increased appetite, a way to store fat, and change in the proportion of insulin.

    1 - cortisone: 
    Works on weight gain and swelling of the body annoyingly so-called "obesity false" It works on water and salt retention under the skin.

    2 - contraceptive drugs:
    These drugs can cause some people to a significant increase because they contain estrogen hormone Albergston and "these hormones work to open the appetite.

    3 - allergies and depression drugs: 
    Some of these medications to alert the brain to the sense of hunger, and others working on the accumulation of fat and not break it.

    4 - medicines that help weight loss: 
    as sometimes cause weight gain significantly reverse reaction.

    5 - Drugs mental and neurological diseases: 
    to affect the balance of hormones in the body and can increase the appetite but at the same time reduce the level of activity of the individual.

    Now, after that Qrota on this topic Does Stqomin eat this medication without consulting your doctor?

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